Spence vs Porter\GGG vs Alvarez 2- Beating the opponent at his own game

Spence vs Porter

Sparks will always fly when Yin (aggressiveness) meets Yin (aggressiveness)… At what cost? Some cases are more costly than others.

Clearly Spence came into the Porter fight with the mindset of beating his opponent at his own game which is coming forward, aggressive with some technical strategy which in moments were successful and some moments were not looking at the effects on Spence’s face at the post fight interview.

Spence being the favorite, decided to show the world that he was the bigger and stronger man surprising fight fans and boxing community by not utilizing the superior boxing abilities such as lateral movement and angles along with the philosophical strategy of “Hit and not be hit”.

Although this warrior mentality was fan friendly it begs the question of at what cost? How many future fights in the bank were taken if any? Only time will tell.

GGG vs Alvarez

Just as Spence took the more challenging path, Alvarez also turned the tables on the power punching Triple G in the same fashion.

Unlike Spence in comparison, Canelo Alvarez used superior skills coming forward with strategic “in the pocket” tactics and was able to avoid powershots from the powerhouse Gennady Golovkin which is apparent on the face on both champions.

Both fighters Spence and Alvarez were successful in turning the tables on the seemingly stronger opponents, but it is apparent that only one of them came out almost unscaved.

Hence the question, Spence.. At what cost?..

NEAL Boxing Philosophy on The Left Hook

The left hook, (from the orthodox stance) sparks debate among trainers from the boxing community.

Old school boxing trainers from my perspective tend to lean towards the palm down when executing this lethal power shot while others teach the palm sideways technique.

The thing about boxing is that unlike martial arts which refer to a blueprint or Kata that the artist can study and go by, boxing does not. Boxing has different trainers with different technical viewpoints which often conflicts with other trainer’s boxing perspectives.

The advantage of boxing not having a blueprint or technical forms which become “holy doctrines” is that boxing techniques can be cultivated and suited for each boxer’s nature.

Now, as for the “NEAL Boxing Philosophy” There ARE no rules, there are only the science, personal body type, comfort and ability!

In some Cases, the “Rules” do not apply, its what you can get away with.

Example, Tell Roy Jones Jr. To never lead with the left upper from the outside.. Tell Floyd Mayweather Jr. To never fight with the left hand down..

Again, in some cases its not about rules, its about your ability and what you can get away with.

NEAL BOXING teams up with Devonte “King KAGE” Smith for Nov 18th bout

Nov 18th 2017 NEAL BOXING teams up with Devonte Smith know as “King KAGE” 

Smith coming in at 5-1, 155 lbs taking on tough Nick Gherts 8-2 in this professional MMA match up.

“Smith brings natural ability, speed, power and is an easy learner when it comes to the sweet science. I’m confident he will execute the game plan we put together when the fight is standing” says Neal. 

Can’t wait to see the match up

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Rodriguez vs Figueroa recap and thoughts

Tough weekend for Angel Figueroa sacrificing his unbeaten record and facing top prospect and signed Top Rank promotions fighter Julian Rodriguez in front of Rodriguez hometown crowd in Atlantic City NJ.
In a scheduled 4 round bout, the first round both fighters met in the middle of the ring exchanging heavy artillery with Rodriguez landing the more telling blows. The first solid body shot which forced Figueroa to take a knee and paved the way for the next two knock downs.
Figueroa survives the first round and the warrior he is, pleads to the doctors and to me that he wants to continue.
Second round, Angel boxing and moving, using his jab with some success. It was the relentless Rodriguez who comes back mixing up both body and head shots rocking Angel Figueroa in different occasions, and Figueroa still trying to battle back with little effect.
End of round two, doctors look in closely asking Angel if he wanted to continue. With the big heart and warrior spirit, Angel Figueroa still wants to keep fighting. I looked closely and weighed all the factors that Angel still has the potential to have a great career and I decided to save it by stopping the fight even though my fighter still wanted to continue.
This was a very difficult situation but and the end of the day, it’s the fighters safety that counts and still able to fight again another day.
Rodriguez wins by TKO and improves to 4-0 (3 KO’s) and Figueroa falls to 3-1-1 (0 KO’s)


Looking for a big win June 14th Angel Figueroa vs Julian Rodriguez


Angel “El Fuego” Figueroa

2 weeks ago I jumped on the opportunity to work with Angel Figueroa to help train and strategize his big fight against decorated amateur champion and signed Top Rank fighter Julian Rodriguez on a televised Top Rank Show. It’s in Angel’s attitude that he fears no one in his weight class and pushes himself to the max every day in training. This is why he chose to test the unbeaten prospect from Jersey while
putting his own unbeaten record on the line as well.
From what I’ve been seeing in training, Rodriguez better be ready for a war!


Meet and Greet UFC Fighter Jessica “Evil” Eye At The Round By Round Org Fundraiser

January 11th 2014 mark your calendars! Meet and greet the UFC and Cleveland’s own Jessica “evil” Eye at the Round By Round youth organization benefit fundraiser “Youth Fight For Fitness” as she will be taking photos and signing ad-benefitautographs. We will be also raffling signed Jessica Eye and other merchandise. Be sure to follow Jessica’s career as she climbs the ranks for a chance to fight for the UFC title!  Our mission is to raise funds to help the youth fight obesity, learn Self Defense and build self esteem and confidence through mixed martial arts training along with a phenomenal nutrition program starting out at Strongstyle Martial Arts Training Center. *Funding Goal: Reach 4,000.00! If our goal is met, ticket purchasers automatically enter into the drawing for the first 20 kids to start a 1 month FREE membership!

GOALS: Free Memberships for qualified youth, Fight Youth Obesity, Build Youth Self Confidence and Self Esteem, Learn Self Defense and Life Skills.

Location:  Rock City Tap House 5326 State Rd Parma Ohio


Help us help the youth!

Pre sale Tickets 25.00. 

At the door 30.00

All you can eat and drink Free (Beer & Liquor and Quality food)

Call or email: Coach Scott Neal 2162585252 for tickets or info (lawrencescottneal@yahoo.com)

In the corner of Wilkins ” The Hurricane ” Santiago

Great opportunity came my way to be in the corner of Wilkins Santiago July 13th at the mountaineer casino on the Roy Jones Jr. Promotions as Santiago looks to improve to 10-0 And crack the top 30th ranking. He will be facing tough Gilbert Venegas 13-9 who has tough fights with Jesus Soto Karass and Mike Jones.

It’s going be a great fight and Can’t wait!image

The “Mental Edge” applied into the fight game

Tonight I’m going to give out a snippet of a new book that I’m writing called ” The Sweet Science Applied into MMA”. It’s an informational book on my experiences,  personal knowledge, strategy, and tricks of the trade in Boxing. In this snippet, I talk about  mind programming in the “Mental Edge” section. With studies in the field of NLP, (neuro linguistic programing) and observations in the fight game, this is what I came up with..



I’ve seen fighters lose the fight before the fight even began. To get the mental edge, you have to figure out how your mind works. Your mind is like an advanced computer and like any computer, you need the right program for the situation. You need to put positive messages in your mind. For example, if you go into a fight thinking “ I knock people out” but if you go against an opponent that you cannot knock out, you must change your program to “ out pointing him” to a decision. If you cannot change the program, it puts the fighter into a state of confusion when he does not get the knock out. He then becomes mindful and will not be as efficient.bad-boy-promotions-12-10-11 354

I remember experiencing a fight where the fighter ( a champion noted for his knock outs ) was losing the fight on points. When he came back to the corner, the trainer asked him if he wanted to stop the fight in an attempt to motivate him. The fighter clearly was still “in” the fight and still had a really good chance of winning. But after his trainer asked him that, the fighter was not the same and  at the end, he quit.

If we go back and look at that statement “do you want me to stop the fight?” in his mind, “stop the fight” was embedded into his subconscious. Now by him being a champion and a noted knock out artist, not being able to knock out his opponent put him into a state of confusion. Then after his trainer made the statement, that’s when he lost it. The fighter was fed the wrong programming.




A good program to run before training or a fight is to picture yourself not winning, but executing your combinations with accuracy. Picture your movements precise! Act tough. You want to use good physiology. You want to use good body language. Put a good positive statement into your mind. A good statement that worked for me was “ I LOVE THIS!” I went into a judo tournament once where I broke the golden rule and did not train properly. I was beating myself up with negative messages and then I found the perfect program to run through my mind. I asked myself,  if someone were to attack me on the street, how would I react? If someone was to attack me now and my life was in jeopardy, there would be no excuse but to survive! I ended up taking first place! You have to get the right positive message into your mind to give you that mental edge.

Brian Rogers is a warrior, he will bounce back


Tough loss from Cleveland’s own Brian Rogers against gritty Dan Cramer in the first tournament round at the bellator tournament championships in Charlotte NC last night. These two combatants battled back and forth in an action packed war ending in a controversial unanimous decision as Cramer advances to the semi final round. Rogers says “I been in this situation before and plan on reviewing this loss then make the necessary adjustments” in his post fight interview.

Main event bout Dantas defeats Galvoa in impressive fashion knocking out his worthy opponent in round 2

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Brian Rogers looks to advance at Bellator championship tournament season 8

February 14th 2013, NE Ohio’s own Brian Rogers looks to advance at the Bellator championship tournament over 9-3 Dan Cramer on Spike TV.
Team Rogers from StrongStyle has done their homework on the tough opponent and are prepared for whatever Cramer brings in the cage.
Rogers coming off an impressive win over Dominique Steele in Dayton with a new mind set, skills fighting at long range strikes, and using angles.
It’s going to be a great card, look for more updates!

Team Rogers from StrongStyle head coach Marcus Marinelli, Pablo Castro (BJJ), and Scott Neal (Boxing) and the rest of the StrongStyle fight team